When was the last time you looked at your website, and when I say looked at it I mean really looked at it? Does it look inviting, are the images current, do they reflect your style and brand? If it was not your website or if it were a physical shop would you want to visit it? What is the first thing that greets you? Is it an image or are you greeted by a lot of colour and then text before you even see an image?

Now imagine that your website is a physical shop and you are walking down the high street and you are looking at all the shops as you pass them by, you pass all the big brands with their beautiful shiny windows, enticing you in, there are people looking at the items on display and buying things and then as you move nearer to your store you notice the windows are a bit dirty, the items in the window are looking a bit tired and dated, the door looks a bit shabby and you wonder why there is now one in the store!


If it has been a while since you last looked at your website then try these 5 simple steps, first open an incognito browser;

  1. Note how quick your website loads, is it instant or do you have to wait? Does it open in less than 5 Secs
  2. Once open what are you greeted by, is it a hero shoot or a small image or loads of text?
  3. Is the site easy to navigate?
  4. Is the content well written, are the images current and fresh?
  5. Is it mobile friendly?

If you answered no then maybe it is time to get a website review and find out what you can do to make some tweaks to your website to improve it.

To find out more about having a website review click here>>>


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