I am not sure about you, but one of the most exciting things about starting my own business was the fact that I could get my own business email! There is something about a business email that looks professional and says that you take your business seriously!

I mean imagine getting an email from John Lewis that was something like johnlewis@hotmail.com or one from your bank that went something like barclaysbank@yahoo.com, no I can’t imagine it either, the word scam comes to mind!

So why is it that so many small businesses use Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail to name but a few, rather than set up one that is specific to their individual business.

Having a business email that is specific to your business, helps with trust and creates a professional image and in turn, this will help in boosting your business credibility.

Another key thing about setting up a business email is that it allows you to create several different emails for different departments (I know you are a one person operation, but your client doesn’t) so you can have accounts@yourbusinessname.com for sending off invoices and chasing payments or admin@yourbusinessname.com for sending out contracts and paperwork. How many times have you wished as a small business that there was someone else that could chase payments, or remind a client that they need to feed you as you will be photographing their wedding all day long! Well by having a business email you can do just that.

The other thing about having a business email is it offers you flexibility, so that as your business grows and you have someone work for you then you can give them their own email address which looks so much more professional.

Also having a business email, helps with brand awareness and helps make your business more memorable when your client or potential client is searching for you in their inbox, imagine if you were to get an email from yvette1066@hotmail.com instead of yvette@lemonadedesign.co which email do you think would be remembered?

Using yvette@lemonadedesign.co helps my customers identify with me and my brand, it creates an impression and helps give me the edge over someone who is using a yahoo or Gmail account for their email.

If you would like to find out more about setting up your own email, then you can contact me at yvette@lemonadedesign.co or 07984 470415 if you would prefer to chat.

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