Trust me I get it, after 15 years of being a professional photographer I understand that as a photographer you want to have all your best images on your website… But there are many reasons why you should consider that less is more when it comes to photographers websites. There are many reasons for this, but here are just a few:

  • SPEED – The more images you have on your website the slower it will be… Have you ever gone to a website and sat waiting for it to load and in the end given up! If you have then the chances are the website has a lot of images on the page, that have not been processed, resulting in a website that is slow to load. If you want to see what time your site is taking to load on someone else’s browser then this is a really good tool to try the following tool in an incognito browser 
  • TOO MANY IMAGES ON THE HOMEPAGE SLIDER OR GALLERIES – When deciding how many images to have on your homepage slider or in your galleries, you really need to consider how long is someone actually going to sit and look at them? Chances are not as long as you think… Your client wants to see a few impact photos that then makes them want to visit your other pages, so depending on the type of home page that you have you only need to have between 3 – 12 images (the 12 is if you have a carousel slider). Your Gallery pages should ideally have no more than 24 images per gallery, again for the same reason, you want a balance between showing your best work, but not too many that they either get overwhelmed and look elsewhere or the page loads slow and they move on to the next photographer on their list.

A really good example of a website that loads fast and has the right balance of imagery is Sandra Ace’s website her home slider has 5 images and she just has one very lovely gallery of just 22 beautiful images, when I look at her portfolio she has something for everybody without having too many images.


I am often asked how many galleries should we have on our website? Especially as there are benefits to SEO if you have landing pages for venues, one thing you can consider doing rather than having too many venue pages is using your blog post to feature weddings at a particular venue. I particularly love how Melissa Love designed the portfolio page for Andrea Ellison’s new website and I could see this working particularly well for clients who want to highly specific venues, destination weddings or even weddings in your home country.

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