I am really excited to launch not one but four new websites this week… Yes, it has been a crazy super a busy couple of weeks, so I am going to start with Asheville, North Carolina wedding, portrait and event photographer Erica Mueller.


Erica found me through The Design Space as I am one of the recommended Web Designers and our first contact after the email was via Skype, Erica had already bought a template from The Design Space, however after chatting with Erica it soon became apparent that what she really wanted was a custom website, as she showed me several websites that she loved and that inspired her.

Having connected via Skype, Erica decided that she wanted to go ahead and have me build her new website, the elements to her new website really revolved around her logo and the fact that she uses it on her business card as a portrait logo rather than a landscape logo which would be the natural way to use it.


Whilst Erica gave me all of her HEX numbers, I actually selected many of the colours from her logo to bring it all together and the only page that really uses the colours that Erica gave me are on the INFO PAGE


From the websites that Erica gave me, I felt that she did not just want rows of text or images and therefore decided to create images and text boxes that overlay to give the website impact. If you would like to see how stunning Erica’s website you can view it here >>

I absolutely loved designing this website and am really proud to be able to share it with you, if you would like to find out more about having a new website then please click the button below to contact me.

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