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I am often asked to explain what responsive websites are. Basically, it means that the design adapts to any browser size without the need of having either a separate mobile version or a mobile plugin to make it work. Some of the key features are: –

  • Adapts to browser site automatically
  • Responsive navigation for ease moving around the site
  • Responsive forms – ensuring whatever device you are on form filling is simplified
  • Automatically adjusts images so that they fit perfect for the device they are viewed on
  • Google LOVES responsive sites making them search engine friendly.
  • Easier for people to read content on your site on any device, from a mobile photo to a 27 screen.


  • It means they can read the content without the need to pinch or tapping right to view
  • Fonts are auto sized so that they can be read with ease
  • Fewer wrong clicks taking them to a page that they did not wish to view!
  • Uniformed design across all platforms is better for your brand.


  • No need to have additional plugins or a mobile site version that can slow down your site
  • No need to worry what your site will look like on different devices
  • You save money on the need to have mobile site

In the last 12-months, all the sites that have been built at Lemonade Design are responsive WordPress sites.

If you would like to find out more about having your website updated then get in touch we would love to hear from you – +44 1233 642773

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