It has to be 18-months ago that I first spoke to Steve Thirsk at The Guild Of Photographers about the fact that I had moved direction from taking photographs due to a spinal cord injury following a routine surgery on my back.

Since that time we have had many conversations and at the beginning of August, I was asked if I could have a look at some issues that they were having with their Photohubs website along with the fact it was hard to navigate. After much debate, I was asked if I would build a new website, that would be easy to navigate and also easy to update and so at the beginning of August I designed and built their new website.


Following a Zoom 1:1 with Steve and Nik I was told that I could do what I liked as long as it looked good and was easy to update and navigate… I love that type of client that lets me do what I want…

So I used the logo as my inspiration for the branding throughout and went with a one-page layout with their events and blog so that they can blog about upcoming events and general things that are happening.


The end result is The Guild love their new website and I have been asked to be an official Trade Partner as a website designer so in the coming months watch the Facebook Page for news of offers exclusive to Guild Members.

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