I thought I would follow up on a previous blog post about why less is more when it comes to photographers websites and look at another question that I keep seeing pop up in various Facebook Groups or forums and that is how do I style my blog post? So I thought that I would have a look at how you can style your blog post for impact and load speed times, especially when you are looking at a photographers website.


The first thing that you have to look at is the title and this is a common mistake with photographers as they always put the couples name first… the problem with this is the only people who will be searching for the couple is the couple themselves or their family and friends… Instead, you should put the VENUE NAME OR STYLE | WHERE | BY WHOM or AUTUMN WEDDING | LEEDS CASTLE KENT| YVETTE CRAIG WEDDINGS and you need to keep between 55-60 characters.


I like the idea of having the content at the start of the post, you need between 350-500 words for your blog post, and you need to use H2 headers on the page, along with interesting and relevant content that your audience will want to read. I then like to include the couples name and maybe the place or date of the wedding followed by a few images 1-5 and then if like most photographers you want to load a lot of images, I would then include a mosaic gallery with the rest of the images, as this will help with the load speed of your post. If you would like to see how I styled a recent lifestyle photographers blog post then click here >>


At the end of the post, I like to add a contact me button, so that if someone likes what they see then it is easier for them to contact me directly from the page rather than having to go and find another page!


If you do decide to link to other vendors/suppliers then select their homepage rather than a product as often a product may be a seasonal item and could be gone after a short period leaving you with a broken link!

This is where I would put the

couples names

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