I don’t mind admitting I love Instagram… the idea of just looking at pictures instead of text is really appealing to me, and it along with Pinterest is one of my favourite social media channels.


Instagram was launched on the 6th October 2010 and has grown to over 100 million active users, with over 60% of them log in daily, and 30% of the daily users of the internet have and use an Instagram account with over 90% of the users being under35 years of age. There are 3.5 billion likes a day and 50% of the people who use Instagram follow a brand.

The above figures make Instagram the perfect choice when it comes to deciding if you and your brand should have an Instagram account.

The most followed include Rhianne, Nike, JLO, the Rock and the Kardashians.


So if you really want your images to reach the most number of people you need to know when the best and worst times are to post, the best time to post is either between 8am-9am and 5 pm daily and the time to avoid is between 3-4pm which would indicate that as Instagram requires that you use a mobile phone to post that users avoid using their accounts during the working day.


70% of all posts are not ever seen! Which means that when you post you need to use #HashTags wisely and research the #HashTags that you do use in order to increase your reach.

A post with a face in it will attract 38% more likes that a picture without, so it is always worth considering this when you post a photograph.

Some of the top #Hashtags include:

  • #Love – 1,132,410,681
  • #instagood – 632,742,152
  • #cute 380,014,446
  • #photooftheday 443,143,600
  • #fkowers 97,935,640
  • #design 100,050,169
  • #me 329,396,111
  • #like4likes 352,046,764
  • #girl 264,853,164
  • #quotes 42,379,877

So before you post it is worth taking the time to research #HashTags that are related to you and your brand, and remember that sometimes it best not to use the most popular as your post could get lost just as easily as it could get missed by not using the right ones!

Happy posting and if you have any questions, either pop it in the comments or contact me via my website contact form.

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