With more and more emails filling my inbox with the latest ‘fall colours’, I thought I would have a look at how you can look to the changing seasons and create your own brand using the colours of fall…

I don’t mind admitting that I am a massive fan of Michael Kors and Mulberry handbags, so I get a steady stream of daily emails altering me to the coming season’s colours and I have to tell you I am in love with the berry colours that are coming this Autumn… So I wanted to show you how you can use fashion to create your brand.


For me, it was an email from Michael Kors, but you can look at any fashion house as they launch their next season’s colours and then find a few images that inspire you and then create a mood board using the colours, once you have your images placed on your mood board you can then start to select that colours that inspire you and then create 5 or 6 small circles or squares and start to use your eye dropper to select the colours that you love and build up a set of images that you can then create a brand with.

Maybe you like textures, I used a watercolour with two different colour samples to give me two different options that I could use if this really was going to be my new brand.

You will soon start to see how the colours work together and if you still love them.


It maybe that you are happy with your brand, but you like the idea of creating mood boards, so what other ways could you use a mood board to promote your business? Well if you are in a creative business such as a photographer, florist or a dress maker, you might want to create mood boards to showcase your works with a small number of images that may lead to a blog post or even a page on your website that looks at how colours work together. For example yellow wedding or pink bouquets!

If you have a Pinterest account this would be a good way of building followers and have people PIN your images.

I hope you enjoyed this post on creating mood boards and a few ways that you can use them to drive business to your website, if you would like to find out more about Pinterest then keep watching as I will be posting a few more tips and advice for you to get the best from this social media channel.


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