Before we can begin there are a few things that I will need from you so as to be able to get started. Having all of the information ahead of the start date for your new website will mean that I can work without delay. Once I get started I work very fast, so it is essential that everything requested below is with me at least 2 days before I am scheduled to start your design.

All of the items can either be added to the 17 Hats resources or the Dropbox link I will send you. Please do not share by any other method as I need everything in one place.

Finally, why not join my private Facebook Page.

Before we begin…

I will need the following;

  • Your Logo as a PNG – no more than 800 pixel long
  • Hosting Details with login/Cpanel, username & password
  • Your current website login details
  • Your social media details and login to instagram
  • Content – filled in on the questionnaire that I will send
  • Imagery – I will advise the size once I know the design, but please keep images less than 250kb – Gallery images as standard are 1200 x 800 pixels and square images are 1080 x 1080 pixels.
  • Style Guide if you have one, or a list of fonts and colours to be used on the website.

Finally if you can have all forms filled in and sent back to me at least 5-days ahead of your booked start date.


17 Hats is an awesome online platform for communication and project management.  This where I will be sending you messages from, sharing files and keeping you up to date with how the design is coming along.  This will help alleviate content and images being lost in long email threads, everyone loves email threads …. right?!  Don’t worry you can still use your email, the messages will post directly to 17 Hats.  Once your project is underway, you’ll receive an email with questionnaires for all the information I need and we’ll be off and running in no time!


I will send you a link to a Dropbox folder where you can upload your images.  Once you get the link you can set up separate folders for each page of your website, for example, Home, Info, About, Contact and Galleries.  Your images sizes need to be as follows: Featured Images on the pages 1920 x 1213 pixels, Gallery Images 1200 x 800 pixels and if you have any square images 1080 x 1080.  If you use Lightroom set the limit on export size to less than 250 KB.  You can then run the images through jpeg mini, however, I am happy to do the final element.  You will need approx 12 landscape images at 1920 long and no more than 20 images per gallery.  Remember you want to give people a reason to call if you load too many images to your new website you will be doing two things; taking away the reason for them to want to come and see you and slowing your website down.

If you do not have access to Lightroom or are unable to resize the images, I am happy to provide a quote to do this.  Please contact me for details.


I find that the best way to connect with my clients is via Zoom (like Skype).  This allows for a face to face meeting without the need to be in the room!  I find this is the best way to better understand what a client has in mind and it’s also great for screen sharing after your website is finished, to show you how to keep your new website up to date.


For some, getting started and being inspired is easy, for others, they really do not know where to start!  My go-to place when I am looking  for inspiration is either home magazines (I am passionate about Interior Design and worked in the industry for several years) or Pinterest, you can follow me here >>
I recommend that you start a private board and share it with me so I can see what you LOVE.  From images to fonts, it will help me get a better picture of what you love and how your website should look.


Designing a website, no matter how big or small is an extensive process that can be overwhelming.  To better help you understand what to expect during the design and development, I’ve outlined my process into 3 steps:



A large and time-consuming part of designing a website is in the planning and layout stage of the process. Before we begin we will arrange either a Zoom or Skype call so that we can chat about your website and how you want it to look. I’ll create the sitemap (Page/Menu hierarchy) of the website for approval first, then I’ll design the home page and a subpage (or more upon request) for approval.


Once the site layout and design is approved, I’ll move forward with the designing of the entire site, pages, add all functionality and plugins.  I’ll make sure your site looks great and functions nicely across all devices and web browsers before moving on to the final step.  You will be able to track my progress from the development site link I will send you and as each page is complete, I will let you know via email.


Once the site is ready for a final review, you’ll be able to review each page and we can make detailed edits until the site is revised completely.  I do ask that you please review EACH page to make sure that spelling, grammar, addresses and information are all correct before going live.  Once you are happy with the new website I will have it transferred to your domain.


Once you are happy with your new website and the site is ready to go live, all unnecessary plugins, pages, images and backend files will be removed and your new website will be transferred to your domain.  Once live, it may take between 24-48 hours for the new site to pull up on some devices.  Some computers will need to be refreshed in order to see the new site.  However, most computers will see the new site immediately, depending on the wifi connection and where they are in relation to the location of the server that the website is on.
Your website logins and all credentials will be sent to you via 17 Hats or secure email, ensuring security of your passwords.  Even though your logins and passwords will be saved by me locally, PLEASE SAVE ALL LOGINS FOR YOUR RECORDS AS WELL.  Upon completion, you’ll receive a link to my “moving forward” page where you’ll receive tips and tricks on what to do with your new website and also information on our Maintenance/Security Plan, which I highly recommend for all my clients.

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